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Tom Powder



The rockin´guitarman from the legendary swedish teddy boy trio BLACK KNIGHTS.

He started performing on rock & roll venues in Sweden with the band Thomas Steel & the Steelcramph´s as a thirteen years old youngster -81

and has since then appeared in a lot of bands over the years. Sneaky Pete and his Hamtrank Homebrewers, Sideburns, Little Green Men,

Tom Powder & the Portfires, Crossfire and Shotgun... as well as a soloartist with different musicians and bands.

He has toured across Europe backed by the All Star Rebels, King Edward Teds, Nitrocats, Rebels Revenge, Rawhide and with Black Knights.

During a stay in Australia -89 he ended up at Graeme Thomas well-known milkbar aka Preston Studios and spent a couple of

tuff nights there and the result was recently found on YouTube.

At the end of the 20th century Tom did a couple of Viking tours in Sweden with the british band Shotgun, featuring Ray Neale,

Rob Murly and Wild Bob Burgos.

In between the gigs they recorded an E.P and an album called «Viking Rock». One session included the great pianoplayer Kenneth Swanström.

The old mates from Snakebite, Rolf, Stefan and Jesper, joined forces with Tom and released an EP and a CD under

the bandname Crossfire 2005-2007.

In 2009 he teamed up with Joe Redeye and this later resulted in the CD «The Noble Art Of Rock & Roll» in 2011.

The same year Black Knights celebrated their 30th year anniversary and a compilation CD, «Rockers Of The Round Table», was released.

It featured the european (+Japan) teddy boy elite doing their versions of BK songs.

2014 Black Knights got back in the studio and released their first full length album since "Jack In The Box" ten years earlier, «Gold Teeth & Silver Charms».

The band is still going strong but are only doing 3-4 gigs a year at the moment.