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Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves

Оригинальный текст песни
I`m a drivin` this truck for a mountain road I got
a hot rod rig and I`m a flyin` low My eyes`re filled with diesel smoke air fan curves
ain`t no joke Diesel smoke dangerous curves I was out last night drinkin` beer with the guys Got an achin` head and blood shot eyes I ended up with a pretty little dame I didn`t even
know her name Diesel smoke dangerous curves If I deliver this hot shot plate I gotta get a
goin` cause I`m runnin` late These mountain grades are mighty steep can`t stay
away there ain`t had no sleep Diesel smoke dangerous curves [ guitar ] There`s a cute little waitress at the bottom of
the grades She`s got hot coffee already made I gotta keep my eyes upon the road cause I`m goin`
down the hill heavy load Diesel smoke dangerous curves Well I must have closed my eyes for a while cause
here I am and I`m a runnin` wild I turn my brakes strip my gears gonna have to ride
her down I fear Diesel smoke dangerous curves I wish I`d left the wind alone but it`s too late
now cause I think I`m gone I got myself into this fix just because I drive to
mix Diesel smoke dangerous curves diesel smoke
dangerous curves