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The Devil`s Gotta` Earn

Играет в эпизодах: 7.13. Душегубки
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I hear everbody talking wishin` I was gone.
Everybody else is doin` everybody wrong.
Well alright. I`m done hangin` round.
I don`t need no needle, and I don`t need no
pills. And I don`t need no doctor to tell me how I feel. Alright, you can keep the bill. I been drinkin` poison and hopin` you`d fall ill. So maybe I`m an angel and maybe I`m a thief. Maybe I`m a beggar that you walk by on the
street. Alright, you cut off both my wings. Sell me for a nickel. The devil`s gotta earn. I don`t need no banker to tell me what I`m worth. It`s alright. Some folks they never learn. You`re eating fire and you`re praying I get
burnt. Papa always warned me, "Careful who you trust.
Kings - they build their castles with your blood.
It`s alright. They all just turn to dust. So, let `em take your wallet. Let `em take your
things. You got your soul, boy and that`s all you
need to sing." Well alright then. Come on take everything. Like stealin` flowers from the graves of the
deceased. They`re doin` nothin and takin` claim for
everything. Like getting married without payin` for the ring.