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Eagles of Death Metal



Eagles of Death Metal formed in Palm Desert, California in 1998 and first appeared on Josh Homme's The Desert Sessions Volumes 3 & 4, released that year. Over the next few years, Homme became distracted from the band due to the success of Queens of the Stone Age. However, the band finally released an album on March 23 2004: Peace, Love, Death Metal. The debut album appeared to be a favorite of advertisers, as several songs from it were used in American television commercials including those for Comcast, Payless ShoeSource, Nissan Motors, Budweiser, Pontiac Motors, Wendys, as well as in the trailer for the film Thank You for Smoking. The first song on the album, "I Only Want You," was also used on the soundtrack for the PS2 game Gran Turismo 4. Globe Shoes, a manufacturer of skateboard shoes, has featured the song in the montage section of episode 1 in their new series of skate films entitled,United By Fate. Recently, the track "Chase the Devil" from the album Death by Sexy was included in the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Project 8. Not only that, the track "Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)" was part of the soundtrack for Electronic Arts Need for Speed: Carbon The band returned on April 11, 2006 with their second effort Death by Sexy. During the first half of 2006 they toured in support of The Strokes and headlined their own U.S. tour with openers The Giraffes followed by dates opening for Peaches. Since then, they have performed with Joan Jett and were recently supposed to go on tour with Guns N' Roses. In their first concert with Guns N' Roses, a concert in Cleveland, Ohio on November 24, 2006, the band was not well received by the crowd at all. When Axl Rose came out to perform, he asked the crowd if they enjoyed "the Pigeons of Shit Metal," and announced that the show would be their last with Guns N' Roses. Shortly thereafter the band released a statement regarding the incident: “ At first, the audience refused to welcome us to the jungle, but by the time we took our final bow, it had become paradise city. Although Axl tried to November rain on our parade, no sweet child o' mine can derail the EODM night train. We say live and let die.[3] ” They took further stabs at Guns N' Roses, claiming that there was aggravation between Axl Rose and Tommy Stinson (the bassist of GN'R). Later they also claimed that Rose had invited the band back for the rest of their scheduled dates as support act.[4] The band also received full payment for the entire tour despite playing only a single show with the band. Hughes has brought up during interviews that new material has been written and their third album will be released this year.