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Proclaiming its own territory on the alternative metal ground, Colepitz emerged as one of the most promising acts of the style in the late '90s. Delivering extreme guitar riffs supported by a reckless rhythm section, the band also adjoined its powerful soundings with profound and meaningful lyrics. Guitarist Ray Suhy and bassist Mike Lapointe were the founding members of Colepitz, in the beginning of 1998 in Old Orchard Beach, ME. The duo was then later joined by vocalist Rob Egbert, which along with drummer Brian Higgins, finalized the crew's lineup. The band's blasting themes and dark soundings started buzzing across the local music scene, and within less than a year, the quartet signed its first recording deal with Boston's label Wonderdrug Records. Colepitz, their self-titled debut album, hit the record stores in 1999, enjoying considerable acclaim. In 2000, the band started touring alongside bands such as Glassjaw, Staind, or Machine Head, therefore strengthening their already larger following even more. However, less than a year later, in May 2001, Colepitz officially announced their dissolution.