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Hey You

Играет в эпизодах: 1.10. Психушка
Оригинальный текст песни
you ! You say you wanna change the world.
It's alright with me
there's no regret.
It's my turn
the circle game has brought me here
And I won't let down 'til ev'ry sun has set.

You realize now
you should've tried now
The music's gone now
you lost it somehow.
you ! Sha-la-la-la

you ! Sha-la-la-la

Woo ! Sha-la-la-la
Woo !
La-la-la-la. _

you ! You say the race is much too fast.
It's okay with me
I'm keepin' pace.
It's my game
the music is inside my head.
For ev'ryone on top there's one who can replace

You realize now
you should 've tried now